Pender County Schools

Dr. Steven Hill Dr. Steven Hill, Superintendent of Pender County Schools, updated the club on the status of Pender County Schools and some of the challenges the school system faces with COVID-19 and burgeoning enrollments. The school system… Read More

September 28

We have changed our Club weekly meeting format starting Tuesday, September 28th which was a social and club get together. The event held at the Cove (aka Salty Turtle Beer Co.) was quite a success. So thanks to… Read More

Ocean Fest

Mark Anders Mark Anders as early as a 6-yr-old always wanted to be a ‘Surfer’ even though he was born and raised several hundred miles from the nearest ocean wave. So he found a way to surf and… Read More


Dawn Ellis Dawn Ellis spoke from Share The Table.  They are working on their capital project to fund the building of their new facility on NC17 and Perkins Rd.  Kiwanis will be contributing to that funding via our… Read More

Salty Turtle

Dan Callender Dan Callender from Salty Turtle Beer Company, located at 103 Triton Lane in Surf City was on hand to talk about founding and operating a micro brewery in this competitive market. Dan talked about the hurdles… Read More

Pender Emergency Management

Tommy Batson Tommy Batson, Director of Pender County Emergency Management took time away from his beach vacation this morning to talk to our Club about the Emergency Management Department in the county. His department coordinates various state, federal… Read More


Mario Harris Mario Harris is a retired United States Marine Master Sergeant that served faithfully and honorably for over twenty-seven years. Throughout his distinguished career, he was an Equal Opportunity Representative, Formal School Instructor, Certified Master Trainer, Curriculum… Read More

Carolinas District

Joe Crostic Joe is Governor-Elect of the Carolinas District, and will assume the Governorship of the District on October 1. Previously, he was a Distinguished Lt. Governor for Division 26, the Membership Coordinator for the Carolinas District and… Read More

Topsail Sea Turtles

Kathy Zagzebski Kathy Zagzebski, Executive Director, Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on Topsail Island was our guest speaker Tuesday morning. Kathy was just named executive director in February. Before coming to Topsail she was the Director… Read More