The Kiwanis Club of Topsail Island Area (KCTIA) has an informal service program known as “Skip-a-Meal” to support those in need who are served by Share the Table, Inc. a local non-profit serving communities in Pender and Onslow Counties. This year Ed Broadhurst stepped up to lead this club activity.

“Fighting Hunger in North Carolina”

As the Share the Table website explains “Food insecurity is pervasive, affecting the working poor, the unemployed, children, teens, seniors, the military, and yes, even those above the poverty level. The need in our community is great. In Pender County, 13.6% of people and 21.4% of children are food insecure. In Onslow County, it’s 15.2% of people and 20.4% of children. At Share the Table, we want to help our community fight the threat of food insecurity.”

In past years, club members donated to Skip-a-Meal by placing their donation anonymously in an envelope at our regular club meetings. Over a period of several weeks the number of members donating increased such that in most years we were able to donate about $3,000 to Share the Table.

Member Hosted Dinners

A new activity was initiated by our Board of Directors in the fall of 2021. In addition to the traditional Skip-a-Meal envelope program, a series of three hosted dinner events were held for Club Members. The three hosted dinners featuring the hosts favorite recipes were held at approximately monthly intervals starting in October. Each dinner was limited to 20 guests for space reasons. Participating dinner guests contributed $50 to the Skip-a-Meal project. The kick-off dinner featured spaghetti and bocce ball that was held at the home of Diane and Kevin Cavanaugh. The second, a fish fry with a sound and ICW panorama held at the home of Cecilia and Ed Broadhurst. The third was a wine tasting evening hosted by Carrie and John Hewitt. The hosted dinners were a fantastic success and between them and the Skip-a-Meal envelopes at Club meetings, we raised over $5,000 dollars for Share the Table!

The photo galleries below capture the spirit of each event.

The Spaghetti Dinner and Bocce Ball

The Fish Fry

The Wine Tasting