2020 Kiwanian Horstmann

Co-Kiwanian of the Year

Bill Horstman

Bill was born in Breese, Illinois with four sisters and three brothers. He started working at an early age milking cows and doing chores before school. He has two children, a son and a daughter and two grandchildren both of whom are in college. A military veteran, he retired from IBM in Raleigh.

Bill moved to Topsail about twenty years ago where he started a successful landscaping company. He retired from landscaping about three years ago and decided to take up the game of golf. He has been a member of our club for over 11 years and has been very active member of the board of directors and also having served as our past president. As a member of the club he has been very active in club functions, local fundraisers, both club and civic, and has donated untold time and energy to members and the community following the hurricanes a year ago.

It is my honor and privilege to present the Kiwanian of the year to Bill Horstmann.

Citation prepared and read by Pat Brennan, 2019 Kiwanian of the Year