2020 Kiwanian Swafford

Co-Kiwanian of the Year

Nicki Swafford

This Kiwanian of The Year fell in love with Topsail Island as a child and over the years has continued to vacation with children and extended family. Our community was blessed with service when this Kiwanian and their family decided to become permanent residents. As a second-year Kiwanian, the knowledge this member shared helped streamline, automate, and organize all aspects of an Officer position.  Prior to acceptance of the position, most of this Officer ‘s duties were handled manually.  The first manner of business was to not only shred unneeded and outdated documents (some over 25 years old) but organized other information as well. 

As the overachiever, we have grown to love, leave it to this member to take it one step further and ensure the continued sustainability of the club – all important documents and materials were scanned and even the old photos, forms, newspaper clippings, and documents were set aside to compile into a scrapbook in the future. Not only is this member vital in the Officer position,  our social media sites are still buzzin’ and the non-stop creative mind is always thinking about ways to create innovative fundraising opportunities so our club can meet the needs of children in our community.

This member was instrumental in coordinating the Reverse Raffle in Fall of 2019 and served as the chair of the Volunteer Committee that handled the Beer/Wine Tent at the first Annual Chamber of Commerce Topsail Area Flotilla and Christmas Market. I can personally vouch that this person was the last one to leave Soundside Park that night because the park lights were off, and we were loading the Kiwanis stuff in our cars while it was dark! I would be remiss if I do not add that she drove to the Boy’s and Girls Home in Lake Waccamaw (45 minutes one way) each month before COVID shut us down!  Each month, this Kiwanis volunteer helped plan, shop, and transport ingredients for the 12 girls in the Kiwanis Cottage to prepare a meal and eat at a “family table.”  I am sure you will agree that is an incredible gift to give to children that probably never sat down for a healthy family meal, set a table, or participated in a positive conversation around a table.

She worked diligently to plan one of our newest (yet it has not happened yet) fundraisers – a High Tea Fashion Event for Kiwanis featuring local business fashion retailers. Unfortunately, this event was canceled due to COVID stay at home orders, but did that stop her? It did not. She is ready to set another date when our Governor lifts restrictions.

Her energy level motivates everyone around her. One of her greatest characteristics is her work ethic and honoring her word. If she says she will do something, there is no doubt it will be done, probably sooner than later. For that matter, I am not sure the woman ever sleeps which is certainly to our benefit! We are incredibly lucky to have a business-minded, philanthropist in our midst. Join me in honoring our Co-Kiwanian of the Year – for 2019 to 2020  – Nicki Swafford 

Citation prepared and read by Cathi Litcher, 2018 Co-Kiwanian of the Year