Annual Meeting 2020

Kiwanis Club of Topsail Island Area

September 22, 2020


Call to Order: Andrea Carter
Prayer: Rich Pollack
Pledge of Allegiance: Andrea Carter
Welcome: Andrea Carter
Recognitions/Award: Pat Brennan/Cathi Litcher
Kiwanian of the Year: Pat Brennan/Cathi Litcher
Installation of Officers: Andrea Carter
Passing of the Gavel: Andrea Carter
Closing Remarks: Rich Pollock
Adjournment: Rich Pollock

Editor’s note: The Annual Meeting was held online via Zoom at our regular Tuesday morning meeting time. Approximately 20 members attended.

Recognitions: Kiwanian of Year

Recognitions: Distinguish Service Awards

  • Mike Benson
  • Carrie Hewitt
  • Rick Stidley
  • Jeff Wenzel

Recognitions: Club Membership

5-Year Anniversaries
Steven Eschler
John Koloski

10 Year Anniversaries
Thomas Oliver
Daniel Longest
Neal McHenry

15 Year Anniversaries
Frank McMillan

20 Year Anniversaries
Leslie King
David Strohpaul
John Traubert
Lu Ann Hooper

FY 2021 Club Officers

President: Rich Pollock
President-Designate: Carrie Hewitt
Vice President: Cathi Litcher
Treasurer: Kevin Eitel/Mollie Grant
Secretary: Nicki Swafford
Past President: Andrea Carter
Sargent-At-Arms: Monroe Morris

FY 2021 Club Directors

Ed Broadhurst
Susan Griffin
Tim Horner
Freddie King
Anthony Nigro
Rick Stidley
Dave Stipe

FY 2021 Foundation Directors

President: Rodney Dillman
Treasurer: Larry Combs
Vice President/Secretary: Freddie King
Director: David Barnes
Director: Buddy Fowler